iSimplex Partnership with Sonus


iSimplex established a partnership with SONUS. Now, it is possible to have an whole solution powered by iSimplex and distributed by SONUS in Germany.

For more than 20 years, SONUS has set the standards for high-performance audio solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing or new-build architectural spaces. Based in Baden-Baden, Germany, the company combines innovative design with the highest levels of craftsmanship to create products and solutions which are easy-to-use, great-sounding and, very importantly, aesthetically pleasing.

All SONUS components, products and systems are made in Europe.

iSimplex and TEV2 Partnership

iSimplex and TEV2 (two Portuguese companies) are now partners! Now, it is possible to have an whole solution powered by iSimplex and distributed by TEV2. TEV2 is a company specialized in the electrical material and home automation.

TEV2 distribute cutting-edge equipment with a high level of design and innovation. The company offers a range of products tailored to the commercial, industrial and residential markets: distribution boards and boxes, switches and sockets, solutions for managing lighting, heating, ventilation, access control, energy, CCTV, street lighting, video and intercom systems.

The national brand products include distribution board and boxes for electrical installations: telecommunications, gas and water and they are produced by the certified company Matelcomp that belong to the TEV Group.

More information at TEV2 Website.

iSimplex at KNX Journal 2013

As a KNX official partner and as company that recently released a new product, iSimplex was present in the KNX 2013 Journal. Focusing in its all-in-one server, the iSimplex Home Server 5, which was presented in ISE 2013 with great success! It is possible to see iSimplex Home Server 5 at page 29 of this Journal.

“iSimplex Home Server 5 provides a single interface to control everything in a Smart Building, accessible from anywhere (web, no app install), personalizable and simple to use, providing the ultimate control experience! It now comes with an integrated Media Server (and a PBX), so you get multiple servers in one. New Mobile Media Module, watch movies and other media in any device through the home interface (like a tablet or PC), anywhere in the world! New Energy Module, access to real time consumptions by floor, division and objects in a tree graph view, define energy Tariff plans. New Global Cache integration, control any equipment by IR or RS 232. Build remote controls easily and much more”.

To download the KNX Journal click here.

iSimplex CEO in 1st KNX Forum in Brazil

In the past February 3rd in Sao Paulo there was the 1st KNX Forum in Brazil. The main theme was Energy Efficiency. Due to the importance of the Energy Efficiency Module in iSimplex solution ( launched in ISE2013 ) Mr. Andre Serpa (iSimplex CEO) was one of the invited to have a short talk about the advantages of KNX solutions in terms of energy efficiency. iSimplex Energy Module (picture above) is an example of a good usage of KNX for energy efficiency. Mr Serpa spoke about the KNX Forum in Brazil “This forum was extremely important to define the start of KNX Association acitivities in this country. I think the contents presented here were really interesting because we had the opportunity to know more about different projects based on this tecnology.”

Roadshow at IHC 2013


iSimplex Roadshow at IHC, 15th March, the technology of the Roadshow will be Lutron.

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