Introducing Estoril Mansion Project at ISE


 In the year of 2012 iSimplex was included in a big project. That project was located in Estoril, Portugal. The client didn't have any doubts when it came to choosing which system he wanted for his house. Two years later we consider this one of our success cases.

This project had lots of fine requirements that iSimplex satisfied without any problems. From watching movies in the iPad, to controlling external alarms through the interface or controlling everything using the smartphone, all this was made possible.

At Integrated Systems Europe iSimplex will make a detailed presentation about this case study.

Hope you can watch it and testify the full potential of an iSimplex solution on the February 4th at 15h in ISE Residential Solutions Theatre: Stand 7-X180

Check it on ISE website.


iSimplex Configuration means 5 minutes per room


 For the ISE we will have 5 technical trainings of 1 hour each during the 3 days at the stand. Our idea is to show to people who already have an idea of what our Automation Server is able to do (if you don't check here) an overview of the administration interface so you see how fast you can configure our system.


Tuesday       1st training 10h00 and 2nd training 18h00

Wedsnesday 1st training 10h00 and 2nd training 18h00

Thursday      1st training 10h00


For each training we will be accepting 6 people. Choose a day and hour and make you submission by sending an e-mail to

What are you waiting for?

The Revamp of iSimplex image


iSimplex launches a new logo which represents our commitment to Innovation and excellence, a starting point of many other adjustments we made to the way we present ourselves.

This desire to innovate reflects on the transformation of the new logo, brochure and upcoming website, as we want to convey the concept of simplicity also reflected in our products.

Be ready for a natural connection!

iSimplex at Casacor Sao Paulo 2013



The iSimplex products were chosen to manage the Joia Bergamo’s house home automation at CasaCor 2013, the biggest architecture and decoration event of America, which will occur from May 28 to July 21, 2013 at the Jockey Club in Sao Paulo.

The exhibition has a team of renowned professionals, exploring the concept of "Living Well", to surprise the audience that is aware of CASACOR success, throughout its 26 years of existence.

The company AZhome, responsible for the KNX automation project, security and renewable energy, had no doubt on choosing the iSimplex products to be the “brain” of the Joia Bergamo’s house home automation solution, within the purpose of “making the future become present!”.

The AZhome company CEO, Eng. Junior Miranda, said “iSimplex is the most complete solution of the home automation market and allows a perfect connection between automation, energy management, entertainment and security”.


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Great Showrooms using iSimplex


To all our clients we have made available our products at special prices so they can have their own showroom with iSimplex.

What a better way to show what your company can deliver to a client project than having a showroom fully equipped with the magic of Home Automation one touch away?


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