30 Days Trial




Lately we have had the idea to grant access, for two months, to our showroom kit, with a 30 day money-back guarantee, as a way to promote their usage and to demonstrate the total confidence we have in them.

You'll be able to understand that our motto is indeed a reality, from the easy installation, to the fast configuration and of course the simplicity in using it.

Contact us to the mail and order your kit showroom. After receiving our products, we can arrange an online training session so you can jump start products testing.

Stay tuned for more on this subject! 

New Product Catalog


In order to match the recent revamp in communications, iSimplex has launched a new product catalog. Our idea is to trying the best we can to simplify the comprehension of our products and the potential of an iSimplex solution, the new catalog focus on advantages in the integrator's view.

This became one of our focus because it matches our philosophy too. Like we have already worked as integrators, we knew the problems we had in other systems configuration, so we work in a way that integrators save time without despairing the quality and customization of a solution.

The redesign of the catalog was also made to justify our constant effort to innovate, as well as our ambition to follow the design patterns that improves our clients experience in taking the most of his home.

Stay tuned for more on this subject!

iSimplex at ISE 2014


We are proud to announce that our presence in Integrated Systems Europe 2014 was as good as we expected. As you know, iSimplex is a constant presence in ISE in the last 3 years, and it's for sure that we will be there in 2015 too as we have already reserved it.

This year we strongly bet in innovation and taking some audacious changes. One of the big changes was our stand.

We bet in a modern design and we have increased the stand space. This way we made it possible for the clients to figure out what our products and solutions are in a few seconds. The good news were that our catalog was made in the image of the stand, so it became easier to understand the catalog too.

The 3 days of fair went very well. We had lots of people at our stand asking questions about our products and interested in them, we loved this good feedback and we are trying to speed the things up so we could start working together with more distributors and integrators.

We had to apologize anyone that were not able to get a presentation as our 4 exhibitors were always full of people asking questions and wanting a small presentation.

Read more: iSimplex at ISE 2014

Visit Us at ISE


Integrated Systems Europe is here!

Three days of the biggest integration and A/V fair in the world from the 4th to the 6th of February.

We will be there delivering exciting news, features and content as you might confirm from the news bellow.

Hoping to see you in ISE 2014 at our stand 7-P172.

Get your free invitation card here.

Logic Functions, Spotify integration, a new media center!


 iSimplex has been challenging itself to launch new features. For our clients this means an evolution of the products they bought us since we offer free updates.

Our newest feature is the Logic Functions, this feature was started after our clients consistently asked for it. This will mean for the users the possibility to create additional logic using our base system by coding a few lines and accessing our API.

As an update we decided to integrate a very famous online music service to our feature ambient sound. The users can select the music they want to hear, using their devices, digital library or online radio, and now using their Spotify premium account seamlessly integrated in the interface.

Following the principle of natural connection, we have included to our system in the Media area a new product. It's a small Media Player that provides quality and performance in a small box. This way, our Media Centers can fit in projects of any scale or budget.

Check all this at our booth 7-P172!


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