Project QATAR with AVTECH


The last 15th of May iSimplex went on the Project Qatar with AVTECH, a new distributor.

AVTECH is a company very innovative operating in the video surveillance market, they have been working in the latest solutions of video surveillance systems.

This company has been recognized with the Best Product Award at IFSEC award in 2008, and was ranked as the largest publicity listed company in Taiwan’s surveillance industry.

For more information visit their site:

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iSimplex newest Distributor: GTS Solutions


It is our pleasure to announce our newest iSimplex distributor: GTS Solutions.

GTS Solutions is a company operating in the Middle East Market (Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria) dedicated to the building management and home security systems. It was during ISE 2014 Amsterdam, that they saw an opportunity to come up with something really innovative to their market after visiting iSimplex stand.

Analysts have forecast that, the Automation Market in these countries, are growing at a CAGR of 6.84 percent till 2016.
The reason behind this have to do with the bigger availability in income per resident, who can now consider to bring something new into their lives, and Home Automation systems seems to be the next thing to have.

For iSimplex this means a new and interesting challenge, to expand its horizons, together with a very good Partner who shares the same values of commitment, innovation and confidence.

For more information visit their site:

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One fully automated building in Florianopolis, Brazil


Imagine an entire building located on one of the most exotic places in the world, Florianopolis, Brazil. Now imagine that same building completely automated, where each apartment will be naturally connected to a home system. Yes, we are referring to iSimplex system!

After our latest investments in Brazil, a market with a very high growth potential, where many people are starting to wonder why not to bring technology into their lives, so they can have much more comfort, entertainment and security, we are now seeing the results.

Every home will have installed servers, allowing the future residents to control their lighting, music, and so much more. We will eventually take this case as a case study so we can share all details and advantages of using our system, for both installer as well as end user.

But it is important to refer that all this is possible due to one of our partners in Brazil, Engetel.

Get to know them better by visiting their website today at:

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iSimplex Server has got a new "face"


This year the plans to revamp our image haven’t been only connected to a new logo and communications, but also to our products.

Our core product, the iSimplex Server, responsible for our Home system was asking for a change. It took some time, but after some market research we found the perfect hardware, reliable and stable.

Much more compact, with better and minimal design, we present you the newest face of iSimplex Server, Intel NUC.

Our future plan is starting a cooperation with INTEL itself, so we can allow any client to deal locally with this entity, in case of any question related to the hardware.

Hope you enjoy this change as much as we do.

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It's now 6 years



Born at the most prestiged and renowned technical university in Portugal, Instituto Superior Técnico, iSimplex has been creating products for the market of Intelligent Building that enable to bring a full range of residential services into an interface.

The internationalization of this company started early and today iSimplex counts with presence in 14 countries and since 2011 it has a branch in Brazil (Curitiba).

This success is due to the company philosophy in making its solution easy to install, fast configure and simple to use and by its specialized team that is constantly looking for innovation.

From the Apartment Server and Music Box TS, to the Spotify integration and Logic Functions, new and better things will always be coming to allow you to set competitive projects.

iSimplex team wants to wish you all lots of success with our products as we know that with this type of cooperation we can continue making iSimplex even better, year by year.


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Nr. 2548
CEP 80.240-040, Curitiba, Brazil
T: [+55] 41 3027 3222