FAQ Music Box

What is the purpose of the Music Box?
The Music Box is a music player controlled by the Home Server. All content is stored centrally on NAS and the user can select at any time which songs to listen through the web interface provided by the Home Server. For each independent audio channel a music box must be placed.
How is the Music Box installed?
The Music Box as all iSimplex components is connected to an IP (Wired or wireless) network. The Music Box TK provides one analog audio output that can be used as the installer sees fit. The TX Model of the Music Box provides 2 digital (HDMI and S/PDIF) and 1 analog output (Audio Jack). We recommend that each Music Box output is connected to an amplifier and then speakers. Thus, with a simple installation the user can control the music from anywhere in the house to any division via a single web interface accessed from any device without the need for wall displays and buttons or other accessories.
How many Music Boxes can be installed?
There is no limit for the amount of Music Boxes for a single installation.


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