Air Play and UPnP

ISE 700x236


One of the most recent updates on iSimplex Solution was the integration of Air Play and UPnP. These technologies, which were already included in iSimplex Media Center, allow users to play music stored in their local devices, smartphone, tablet or desktop, directly on each one the iSimplex Music Boxes.

All the new Music Boxes include this technology, however, if you already have an older version, contact your local supplier to know how to upgrade it.

Who said Multiroom couldn’t be more affordable?


 Our Home and Apartment Server are now equipped with an IP Multiroom Audio System (one zone) free to use with any amplifier and speaker. Available through the interface of control we have called it the Ambient Sound.

You can select your favorite music and listen to it anywhere around your home, using your devices, digital library or online radio station with no need to connect any device. Because it is fully integrated in the interface you can also add it to a scene.

The music boxes we have available are used to increase the number of sound zones we want to have around the house. Having different needs and budgets we made it possible for you to choose which Music Box fits your projects better.

The best way to listen your music at home!

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