Logic Functions

ISE 700x236


The logical functions represent the team's effort to highlight the iSimplex solution for its unlimited intelligence capability.

With scenarios and routines the user interface allowed the possibility to create triggers, timers, if conditions, emails and SMS and many other intelligent actions. The logic functions represent the next step in intelligence automation. The administration interface provides an API that allows integrators to program directly in JavaScript and adapt their solutions to the most demanding customers .

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iSimplex Server has got a new "face"


This year the plans to revamp our image haven’t been only connected to a new logo and communications, but also to our products.

Our core product, the iSimplex Server, responsible for our Home system was asking for a change. It took some time, but after some market research we found the perfect hardware, reliable and stable.

Much more compact, with better and minimal design, we present you the newest face of iSimplex Server, Intel NUC.

Our future plan is starting a cooperation with INTEL itself, so we can allow any client to deal locally with this entity, in case of any question related to the hardware.

Hope you enjoy this change as much as we do.

Stay tuned!

iSimplex Configuration means 5 minutes per room


 For the ISE we will have 5 technical trainings of 1 hour each during the 3 days at the stand. Our idea is to show to people who already have an idea of what our Automation Server is able to do (if you don't check here) an overview of the administration interface so you see how fast you can configure our system.


Tuesday       1st training 10h00 and 2nd training 18h00

Wedsnesday 1st training 10h00 and 2nd training 18h00

Thursday      1st training 10h00


For each training we will be accepting 6 people. Choose a day and hour and make you submission by sending an e-mail to

What are you waiting for?

iSimplex will integrate Z-Wave technology


The iSimplex products will integrate the new standard of remote control Z-Wave.

Z-Wave is a next-generation wireless ecosystem that lets all your home devices talk to each other, and to you, via remote control. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets.

Z-Wave control can be added to almost any electronic device in a house, even devices that wouldn't ordinarily be "intelligent," such as appliances, window shades, thermostats and home lighting.

Home Server Reaches Version 5 !


During the last months in development lots of new features emerged, making the interaction between the user and all of his home services even more complete, in this major release.

You can now control all your IR and RS232 devices through iSimplex Interface in any equipment, tablets, smartphones and even iSimplex Media Center. All of this can be possible with Global Caché Products that are now totally integrated in iSimplex. Together with this, the Universal Commands module was also redesigned, and is faster and simpler to use.

The second new big feature is the new energy module!

It provides you the best information about your house consumptions, can even compare the costs with the last week or month, show you the devices that are consuming more, and many more features. This module became one of the most important modules in every iSimplex Houses by predicting the cost at the final of the month or week, alerting you that you are spending too much money.

With this new version the performance of your iSimplex interface is also further improved, you can now control all your home services in a faster way in all your interfaces.

The security module was also updated and now you can see all the areas of your home with more detail with the new Video Surveillance feature of digital zoom, in all your camera feeds.

All of that and much more are now available in our update servers for automatic updates setup, but you can also update manually your iSimplex in two simple clicks.


iSimplex Home Server v. 4.2.1 - Mobile Interface Updated!

Update your iSimplex Home Server to version 4.2.1 to take advantage of  new mobile interface with a new layout!

iSimplex Home Server v. 4.1.1



Update your iSimplex Home Server to take advantage of all optimizations as well as the new interface of ambient sound  at version 4.1.1!

iSimplex Home Server v.3.0


1. Access Control ( New Module )
The new access control module gives the possibility to associate a sensor to one or several IP video Cameras. When someone opens the door the Server will register the moment and capture a short film or photos. This will be recorded in the Server and sent as an e-mail.

2. Interface Layout Templates
New graphic themes are available in this version. The user can change between themes and has the power to choose the one that best fit their taste.

3. Improved Log Analisys with filters
The very useful iSimplex Home Server Log was restructured. Now, not only you can verify everything that happens in your house but also filter that information based on date, floor, division, and others.

4. Improved Conditions in Scenarios
Now it is possible to create IF conditions, send e-mails, send SMS messages, play music in your iSimplex Home Server scenarios and routines. For instance it is possible to wake up with your favorite music and open the window if it is a sunny day.


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