Core Functionality
  • Control lights, blinds, climatization, doors, appliances and other utilities
  • Monitor sensors and meters information
  • Control everything in your home in a single, integrated, and stylish interface
  • Intuitive navigation by using floors/divisions hierarchy
Feature Screenshot
Scenes and Routines
  • Easily create and edit scenarios/routines, directly on the user interface
  • Start and stop control, drag-and-drop to order, touch to create/edit
  • Schedule routines to run at pre determined time/day
  • Special actions like sending SMS/email, IF conditions and ambient sound
Feature Screenshot
Universal Remotes
  • Control A/V and other equipment with infrared, RS-232 and telnet
  • Create custom remote controls in the interface, get rid of all traditional ones
  • Multiple actions in a single button, one remote to multiple equipments
  • iSimplex Media Center remote control with media Information
Feature Screenshot
Ambient Music
  • Integrated multi-room audio solution, with full media info and control
  • Search/play music from local media library, internet radios and Spotify
  • UPnP and AirPlay, for easy music playing from any source to any zone
  • • Music zones synchronization
Feature Screenshot
  • Integrated “Alarm Central” functionality, improving alert actions flexibility
  • Create up to 12 alarm zones, activate/deactivate alarms using 4 PIN codes
  • Run scenarios on alarm fired for total flexibility
  • Receive SMS and/or a short video on associated IP camera by email
Feature Screenshot
  • Increase monitoring and support quality with multiple detailed logs:
    • Automation devices, Scenes & Routines, Alarms, Access Control, Logins
  • Powerful filter available, to accurately track down events
  • As a web interface, allows for easy remote support
Feature Screenshot
Extra Functionality
User Profiles
  • Unlimited user accounts, besides guest account
  • Unlimited group profiles, for easier permissions management
  • Fine-grain security control, restricting modules and individual actions/devices
  • User actions and logins full traceability through logs
Feature Screenshot
Video Surveillance & Access Control
  • Live feed from unlimited IP cameras, 4 per page view
  • Full screen view and digital zoom
  • 5 second video (or photo) from 2 cameras, with each entry/exit of the house
  • Unlimited entry/exit points, automation sensors, and with email alert options
Feature Screenshot
Media Library & Remote Player
  • Media library management, with auto scrapping media details from internet
  • Media content stored on NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Visually browse through movies, TV shows, music and pictures
  • Stream content to user device (when media is compatible with browser formats)
Feature Screenshot
Door Intercom & VoIP
  • Communicate with the door intercom directly from the interface
  • Easy access to “Open Door” functionality, integrated with automation
  • VoIP server included, with internal VoIP phones extension sequence setup
  • VoIP/SIP account, to reduce phone calls costs (and ability to call/send SMS)
Feature Screenshot
Energy Management
  • Real time consumption by using automation energy meters
  • Virtual consumptions based on each device energy requirements/label
  • Flexible pricing plans, to calculate real costs and project monthly forecast
  • Standard graphics, plus a unique house tree-view with detailed consumptions
Feature Screenshot


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