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III Seminar on Energetic Eficiency

Next month, iSimplex’ Ceo is participating on the III Seminar on Energetic Eficiency in Curitiba, Brazil. Once again the seminar aims to strength professional’s mentality, especially on the second and third sectors of the economy.

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Casa Cor Paraná 2014, Brazil

iSimplex integrator Kelius, in Brazil, has participated once again in Casa Cor Parana. Casa Cor was founded in 1987 and is an interior design company who organizes expositions of decoration, architecture events. They have organized events in 14 citys of Brazil, Peru and Sweden.

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Special Information about The House of the Future

The House of the Future was first inaugurated in 2003, within the Portuguese Telecom Foundation, and since then it became a permanent exhibition.

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  • Project Lebanon 2014

    Project Lebanon 2014


    iSimplex was represented in Project Lebanon 2014 by our our partner GTS. Project Lebanon 2014 is held concurrently with the 4th International Trade Exhibition for Power Generation, Electrical Engineering, HVAC & Environmental Technology, Energy Lebanon 2014.

  • Integrated Systems Europe 2014

    Integrated Systems Europe 2014


    We are proud to announce that our presence in Integrated Systems Europe 2014 was as good as we expected. As you know, iSimplex is a constant presence in ISE in the last 3 years, and it's for sure that we will be there in 2015 too as we have already reserved it.

  • CasaCor São Paulo 2013

    CasaCor São Paulo 2013

    May - July

    The iSimplex products were chosen to manage the Joia Bergamo’s house home automation at CasaCor 2013, the biggest architecture and decoration event of America.



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