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It's now 6 years

Born at the most prestiged and renowned technical university in Portugal, Instituto Superior Técnico, iSimplex has been creating products for the market of Intelligent Building that enable to bring a full range of residential services into an interface

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30 Days Trial

Integrated Systems Europe is here! Three days of the biggest integration and A/V fair in the world from the 4th to the 6th of February. We will be there delivering exciting news, features and content as you might confirm from the news bellow.

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New Product Catalog

In order to match the recent revamp in communications, iSimplex has launched a new product catalog. Our idea is to trying the best we can to simplify the comprehension of our products and the potential of an iSimplex solution, the new catalog focus on advantages in the integrator's view.

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  • Integrated Systems Europe 2014

    Integrated Systems Europe 2014


    We are proud to announce that our presence in Integrated Systems Europe 2014 was as good as we expected. As you know, iSimplex is a constant presence in ISE in the last 3 years, and it's for sure that we will be there in 2015 too as we have already reserved it.

  • PredialTEC São Paulo 2013

    PredialTEC São Paulo 2013


    PredialTEC is a familiar name in Brazil when you talk about smarthomes, energy efficiency and inovation. iSimplex was there!

  • CasaCor São Paulo 2013

    CasaCor São Paulo 2013

    May - July

    The iSimplex products were chosen to manage the Joia Bergamo’s house home automation at CasaCor 2013, the biggest architecture and decoration event of America.



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